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Special Resources Group (SRG) is a training organization based on providing the most current and up to date operational methods for military, law enforcement and high level security professionals.


Logicube is the recognized world leader in hard drive / media duplication & computer forensic systems. From the handy, lightweight Echo™ and the Solitaire Turbo™, to the New Forensic SF-5000u and the OmniSCSI - the world's first SCSI hard disk drive duplicator to support both IDE and SCSI master drives, Logicube leads the industry in smart, duplication technologies. Logicube products are now used in virtually all major IT departments, as well as in the world's top law enforcement agencies.


At CPAL Inc. we combine proprietary criminology theories and algorithms, which are always under constant development in collaboration with world leading criminologists, with state of the art Microsoft technologies to identify patterns in crime.


Intelligent Computer Solutions is the technology leader in the design and manufacture of High-speed Hard Drive Duplication equipment, Software Cloning Solutions and Diagnostic Systems. In addition, Intelligent Computer Solutions is the preeminent supplier of Law Enforcement & Computer Forensic Systems to Law Enforcement personnel ranging from local police departments to Federal and International agencies. Intelligent Computer Solutions also provides a full range of Data Recovery Solutions ranging from self help s/w to professional lab service.

The U-Spy Store features spy equipment covering surveillance, counter surveillance, security, locksmithing, ninja, hidden cameras and mics, wireless video & audio, bug detectors, recorders, police equipment, personal protection, and hundreds more spy items - even books & videos.

Foundstone Tools

As part of our ongoing R&D efforts, the Foundstone team has created several unique utilities that have
assumed an indispensable place in our security toolkit. Foundstone programmers wrote these utilities, and we
use them in our own security assessments. Foundstone is providing the software free of charge to the public.


Your online source for high quality hidden cameras, nanny cams, bug detectors,
surveillance systems,
spy equipment, room and phone recorders


Trojan Securities was established by former British - USA elite military & law enforcement personnel providing a wide range of very specialized services including bodyguards, intelligence gathering, risk management and high-risk security related solutions. As a result of our success and practical approach, we have built a unique reputation for protection management and security services. Operating globally many multinational corporations rely on us to help safeguard their executives, assets and major investments


The Law Enforcement Equipment Corporation
provides a wide spectrum of equipment for
governments, law enforcement agencies and the
military. There is a need for LEEC products in
virtually every facet of law enforcement, from
security to surveillance to personal protection and

Our clients include every major security agency in
the United States, the scientific community (NASA,
Society for Forensic Sciences, Association for
Advancement of Science), hundreds of regional
and local law enforcement agencies and all
branches of the armed forces in the U.S.


Before ANY products can be sold out of this section
There are strict guidelines you MUST meet.

1: You must supply a letter with company letterhead stating that you
are licsened to sell Law Enforcement products.

2: You must supply US with the purchase order number (PO#), the name
of the Law Enforcement or Government Agency, with contact information
for EACH and EVERY order. All contacts 
WILL be verified to the fullest extent before order is processed.

For products without LEO restrictions


The Worldwide Leader in comprehensive information gathering tools for the Insurance and Law Enforcement Industries. 

  NeoTrace is a high-speed graphical traceroute  integrated whois and ping. It is extremely
fast, simple to use and returns a wealth of information. NeoTrace is very popular for
detecting network problems and finding net information, it is also a great tool for spam

Protect yourself with these FREE downloads, to include: Super Shedder,Script Defender,DHCP fix, and more .. go to:

Truster technology offers a number of significant advantages
beyond detecting deception. It distinguishes between levels of
stress with more in-depth and accurate results than any other
voice analyzer. Truster technology is the first voice analyzer of its
kind capable of providing a realtime analysis and diagnosis of the
subject's voice, that can be operated by anyone with a PC and a

Sam Spade is an integrated network query tool for Windows
95, 98, NT4.0 & Windows 2000. It's freeware.

D.I.R.T.TM - Data Interception by Remote Transmission is a powerful
remote control monitoring tool that allows stealth monitoring of all
activity on one or more target computers simultaneously from
a remote command center. No physical access is necessary.
Application also allows agents to remotely seize and secure digital evidence prior to
physically entering suspect

ImageFilerLE ( Law Enforcement) is an image management application that provides law
enforcement agencies with the tools to capture and store images. The database can be
searched for specific records or used to create lineups, image arrays and witness displays.      

                           Gamut Electronics has recently introduced a new surveillance product for law
enforcement.  This is a wireless remote controlled pan/tilt/zoom/focus color
camera. The operator's console is packaged in a very compact case making it
very portable. All of the electronics for the camera control, data link and
video transmitter are contained in a small rugged housing separate from the
camera.  The camera / P&T can be located up to 20 feet from the transmitter
housing.  The camera can be operated up to two miles line-of-sight.

Please visit the WEB site at for more


B.A.I.T.TM - Binary Audit Identification Transfer is a powerful
intrusion detection tool that allows the user to create "trackable"
electronic documents.

NOVEX CANADA offers an innovative, technology and price breakthrough,
REMOTE VIDEO SURVEILLANCE DEVICES that enable you to monitor business or
home from a Personal Computer (PC) OVER the INTERNET, LAN or PHONE lines.
Anywhere,anytime, in color - just a click or phone call away. There are a
lot of surveillance / security applications and the best thing is: at an
affordable price and immaculate performance. Easy to install and use.
With the NOVEX 2000 you can turn any PC into a sophisticated DIGITAL
RECORDER with MOTION DETECTION and ALARM support, schedulers and time lapse
recording for
up to 16 cameras, armed with REMOTE Video Surveillance features. The
installation is very easy and user friendly. The NOVEX 2000 controls locally
and remotely PAN-TILT-ZOOM cameras from many polular brands (ULTRAK, PELCO,
You can easily MONITOR MULTIPLE SITES and check on your office, warehouse,
shop, staff, daycare, baby-sitter or holiday home; OBSERVE eldery and sick
people from the monitor of your
PC, worldwide. RECORD your loved ones, happenings or intruders,in digital,
on your hard drive.
We hope to be able to add to the success of your work and/or company.
Please forward our website address to your
interested associates.  Thank you!

Dial in Remote Video Systems Covert  Surveillance Products
& Computer Video Recording System

   NoKnock E-Warrant TM is aPPpowerful software application developed to assist bona fide law
enforcement agencies in the execution of judicial search warrants by stealth via the
internet. NoKnock E-WarrantTM ,employes surreptiticious delivery
and a variety of search, seize and
evidence safeguard method

A 40 hour class on 3D Crime/Crash Scene Reconstruction has been developed for
Law Enforcement investigators to learn how to use this cutting edge technology to
produce accurate three-dimensional models of actual crime/crash scenes.

NetBuster can be used in TWO ways. Either as a NetBus removal tool which recognises the most usual
NetBus trojans, OR as a fool-the-one-trying-to-netbus-you' tool. When NetBuster
is activated and someone is trying to connect you via NetBus, the NetBuster will log this persons IP adress
together with date and time. This might be useful if you want to report somebody to his internetprovider. You
will also see what the person is TRYING to do, if he's trying to open the CD-Rom, deleting files or whatever.
Most functions up to NetBus 1.70 is supported. If you
want, NetBuster can check if this person has the
NetBus trojan installed on his own system.

Search For People &
Personal Information

You are entering an Official United States Government System. Users accessing this
system consent to the monitoring, recording and/or disclosure of any data on
the system at the complete discretion of the service provider. Users have no
reasonable expectation of privacy while using this system. Unauthorized
modification of any information stored on this system may result in criminal

The new Birdman WeaponsSystems Barrett M82B1K-PDW .50BMG Entry Weapon began life as astandard Barrett M82A1 .60 BMGsniper rifle. through a painstakingprocess of assembly and disassembly, our highly skilled technicians were able to
drastically modify the standard rifle into a fully functional,
double-hand-held Entry Weapon.

Working deep below your Windows operating system...
Evidence Eliminator™ employs the exact same sector analysis technology as
available in ultra-high-priced tools available to law-enforcement agencies, for
example the FBI. After identifying and analyzing the unwanted data hidden in
your drives, Evidence Eliminator™ destroys it with proven methods of
secure disposal similar to US Department of Defense standards for destruction
of classified material.

Teknion Tracker
Tracking the predators that prey on our children

       NOTE: This is the student outline for the Forensic Photography section (24 hours of instruction)of the Field
Evidence Technician Course (a 80 hour course) presented by the Center for Criminal Justice Research and
Training, California State University, Long Beach (310)985-4940. Instructor: Steven Staggs     

   AD-aware now includes the detection and removal of Web3000, Gator, Cydoor, Radiate\Aureate, Flyswat,
Conducent\TimeSink and CometCursor (1.0 and 2.0).
If you have any suggestions how to improve Ad-aware,please email us!

Internet companies, whose apparent "business
model" is the exploitation of consumer trust andTauscan is a powerful Trojan
virus detection and removalTauscan is a powerful Trojan  virus detection and removal
engine capable of detecting over one thousand rogue programs that can inflict
serious damage to your system. Tauscan incorporates a
user-friendly interface with many innovative features such
as drag & drop scan, right-click scan and unique setup Wizard
for novice users plus unlimited downloads of virus definition
file updates.  engine capable of detecting over one thousand rogu
programs that can inflict serious damage to your                                                               
system. Tauscan incorporates a user-friendly interface with
many innovative features such as drag & drop scan, right-click                                                                                         
scan and unique setup Wizard for novice users plus unlimited
downloads of virus definition  file updates.
ignorance, are sneaking their spyware systems
into our machines for their own purposes.          

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Spy Tools                                                  
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Advanced search for Computer Security Experts

*CRIMCASE* Pro©, Version 9.0, is the flagship of Aquila
Software's family of Law Enforcement software. It is a
specialty record keeping program designed for use by the
law Enforcement Professional. *CRIMCASE* Pro assists
the Police Officer in recording information about an arrest,
field investigation, or a traffic stop; as well as A Daily Log
section. Sort/Search capabilities are available in all
sections of *CRIMCASE* Pro. Nineteen different printed
reports are also available.

Secure the best equipment to support your personnel
Secure the best available police and security equipment with this
expert reference tool, complete with manufacturers' details for
procurement purposes.

PC Private Eye is a software product that puts your PC to work even
when you aren't there. It takes control of desktop video conferencing
cameras to detect motion and capture images at home or in the office,
while you are away.

The Spy Tech Agency Online Catalog is one part of the
largest and most comprehensive websites .Featuring:
• Over 6000 products - more than 3000 now online.
• Pricing, photos, illustrations, and specifications.
• Includes archived historical and restricted products.
• Full Solutions custom design from concept to
design and manufacturing.
• Field training available on major puchases.
• Onsite consulting to law enforcement for
"special" situations.

NEW NetOp Remote Control v6.5!! -- NetOp is the award-winning, stable 
fast & easy remote support & management tool. Control PC's over modems, 
networks or the Internet just as if you were in front of them. Download 
a FREE fully functional evaluation copy now!

Retina™ The Network Security Scanner
Retina is a network vulnerability scanner unlike any other. Unrivaled in its capabilities,
Retina provides a continuous security presence in places no other application has
dared go before. While most security scanners confine themselves to searching for
only known vulnerabilities, Retina shatters the mold of the typical security scanner
through its use of state-of-the-art AI (Artificial Intelligence). The AI component allows
Retina to think like a hacker or security analyst would if they were attempting to break
into your network. Thus, Retina eclipses most current security scanners on the market that only look
for known vulnerabilities. Retina searches for both known and unknown vulnerabilities, giving an
organization the most complete network security analysis possible.


"Secretly Monitor All Activity on Your PC. It's Like a Security Camera
For Your Computer! It Remains Hidden And Secured By Your Own
Password... Only YOU Will Know it's There!" Monitor your system for fraud and criminal activity
Ensure your computer is not being used for illegal activities
Find the proof you need to prosecute or take disciplinary action.

What is KeyKatchTM?
The KeyKatchTM is a tiny recording device
that clips onto your keyboard cable.
It's used to log all keystrokes typed on the computer.
It doesn't require any external power source
and it installs in less than 10 seconds.

  Shoot up your computer  Small program which lets you shoot up your computer, press Esc to get out

  The Anarchist Cookbook  You will see the index only. If you wish to receive any of the subjects, you must e-mail me  and include your Departments name and phone number for verification.  LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY !!

E-mail me on secure server